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Wedding in Italian Riviera and Cinque Terre


Liguria is a narrow strip of land, enclosed between the sea and the Alps and the Apennines Mountains; it is a winding arched extension from Ventimiglia to La Spezia and is one of the smallest regions in Italy (its surface area is of 5431 Km.). It is limited in size, but not in the variety of its vegetation and wildlife which is amongst the most diversified and interesting in Italy.

The coast-line, which is geographically divided between the Western Italian Riviera and the Eastern Riviera at the sides of important Centre of Genoa, from the scenic point of view is characterized by an alternating series of magnificent high coast-lines and flat sandy coast-lines, whilst in the interior the steep hills meet up with the Apennines peaks. Liguria has an abundance of natural beauty and the various names given to it such as “Paradise Gulf”, “Siren bay”, “Bay of silence”, “Bay of fairy tales”, “Sea’s echo” are all a testimony to the magnificent beauty of these marine landscapes.

The host of hotels and seaside facilities ensure an unforgettable holiday to the tourists and, to the couples and their families and friends, a great stay for their Wedding In Liguria. As an alternative to a morning spent on the beach there is the possibility of taking a trip into the hills, that are within easy reach as they sweep right down to the coast.

There are numerous small villages, as the famous Cinque Terre (UNESCO world heritage site) which often boasts ruined castles that bear testimony to former glories of noble families. They are strewn around the hinterland, and provide a peaceful authentic setting away from the crowds, amongst the friendly hard-working local people. This is one of the best area for a fantastic Wedding in Liguria.

The ring of hills, lying immediately beyond the coast, together with the beneficial influx of the sea, account for the mild climate the whole year round with average winter temperatures of 7-10° and summer temperatures of 25-30°, which ensure a pleasant stay even in the heart of winter. If you desire a wedding off the beaten path consider of Getting Married in Liguria!


Santa Margherita Ligure is a great location for a Wedding in Liguria. It is a fair-sized town, large enough not to seem smothered by the tourism which has been an integral part of the town’s existence for decades.

The harbor mainly caters for smart yachts, but the town is also home to a small fishing fleet which can be seen unloading opposite the businesslike morning fishmarket.

There are wide ranges of hotels and restaurants, and a selection of good daytrips to make if you get tired of pottering along the laidback seafront. Bars, cafes, gelaterie and restaurants are spread along the seafront and there are also a few along the main quay.

The low hill dominating the waterfront is an interesting place to explore. Behind the small Castello and the severely striped Chiesa dei Frati Cappuccini are intriguing overgrown passageways prowled by semi-wild cats. Further up the slope is the fancier church of San Giacomo in Corte, which contains among other sights a creepily-illuminated Madonna in a rocky niche. Next door, the grand Villa Durazzo is a monument to the faded glory of the Riviera – where it could be also possible to celebrate Civil Weddings.

The garden terraces are a public park, a pleasant place to sit. There is also a ‘Coffee House’ and although the Villa is used as a study centre, you can catch glimpses of frescoed interiors. Get Married in Santa Margherita Ligure and enjoy the beauty of ‘Cinque Terre’.


Portofino is famous to be a very chic and elite destination.
Portofino’s location is no doubts an idyllic place, set in a protected inlet and surrounded by the stunning Italian countryside. Superb views of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of Corsica can be enjoyed from the summit of Monte Portofino, which stands tall over the village.

Portofino has also a pretty harbor, with great restaurants and boutiques selling Italian lace strung along the waterfront. One of the greatest pleasures of Portofino is simply relaxing in the beautiful surroundings and enjoying the lovely Mediterranean climate.
In the village itself, a footpath will lead you up to the Church of San Giorgio, which is believed to contain relics of Saint George. Just ten minutes further on is the Castello Brown, whose terrace offers great views of Portofino and its harbor.
Your wedding in Portofino will be a romantic, exclusive occasion in stunning surroundings.


Its position and its breathtaking natural beauty are enough to put it at the top of our list.

The old, tiny fishermen’s village of Porto Venere dates back to the 12th century, and is situated on a small peninsula that wades out into the glistening waters of the Mediterranean Sea and into the Gulf of Poets.  It is made up of a colorful array of buildings and tall houses primarily painted orange and yellow that face the sea, narrow winding streets, terraced gardens and  three small islands Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto sitting prettily just off its rocky promontory fragrant with Mediterranean scrub. All this is enhanced by the unforgettable Mediterranean light!

Porto Venere is a dramatic setting for your wedding.

Civil ceremonies are  performed at the Marriage Hall or at the 16th-century fortified castle , in one of the halls, on the panoramic terrace or in the amphitheater.

For Catholic ceremony no better place than the romantic ancient Church on the sparkling waves of the Mediterranean ocean.

A Porto Venere Wedding will be unforgettable!!


A path with breathtaking views winding along Mediterranean groves and partly deserted fields and vineyards, reaches its peak on the route leading to Vernazza, a first-class location to Get Married.

Vernazza has a beautiful small town aura about it with a population of approximately 1,000 local residents whose livelihood is fishing. The town is adorned with old-fashioned elegant homes painted an array of colors that cling to cliffs overlooking the harbour. This village, founded around the 1st Century, in time acquired deep-rooted maritime traditions. If you have ever desired to celebrate your Wedding Ceremony in a historical traditional Italian small village, a Wedding in Vernazza will make your dream come true.

Some examples of excellent architecture, such as loggias, arcades and portals are evidence of a standard of living that was economically and socially superior to that of the other villages of the Cinque Terre.

If your are searching for a taste of the quiet life then visit Liguria and Get Married in Vernazza.

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