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Happy Kids, Happy Wedding!

Today, more often children have an active part during the wedding but more often happens that parents are stressed and they can not enjoy the weddings and their kids get bored doing whims! So it is important to make them feel free to run and play under the supervisor of babysitter and animator! Especially during the reception, we suggest to reserve for them a special table, with a tasteful simply meal and to plan a special program made of fun games and interesting things to do…. So also their parents can enjoy your memorable wedding!

Some ideas:

Weddings favours: a special wedding favour for your small guest could be a “goodie bag” full of crayons, colouring pages, stickers bubbles and some lollypops!

“I Spy”… kid will enjoy in transforming in small “Sherlock Holms! A small mystery and a disposable camera…will involve all the children in a funny game… and  you will have a really photo story of your wedding but from a child view!

Ice-cream corner: probably children will be not interested on the wedding cake cut… so why don’t organize a special ice-cream corner where they can choose their preferred flavours! And of course can not miss: coloured cups, cookies, wafers and any kind of toppers!

So… please remember to specify always to your wedding planner how many children you will have for your wedding….and chocoweddings will help you to have always Happy Kids for your Happy Wedding!


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