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Rossella, the “musician bride” in Venice !

get married in venice

Rossella is really a non-conventional bride!

She is an elementary school teacher living close to Ancona, Marche Region, but also a musician, graduated in the conservatory flute studio.

She  decided to get married in Venice last September 27th , the well-known  “City  of  Love”, not only to remember her University days (Rossella got a degree in Languages at Ca’ Foscari  ​​University, famous historical Venetian university, a few years ago) but primarily to give a special glow to her day of the days.

Rossella and her groom decided to invite only their families and a few close friends.


For the occasion, she was wearing a beautiful dress in a bright non-conventional fuchsia color and she was carrying a wonderful lace parasol bought in the close Torcello island, so famous for its lace museums and shops.

Her graceful figure wrapped in the vivid color of her dress and embellished with pretty parasol stood out among the myriad of curious tourists and locals just surprised by so much fresh beauty.


The ceremony, held in the magnificent Church of the Frari, reached its peak when Rossella delighted her guests by playing Schubert’s “Ave Maria” with her flute.

After the ceremony, bride and groom welcomed all their guests in one of the best and most famous Venetian “bacaro”, a traditional restaurant offering delicious regional and local food.

Tucked in a small alley a few steps from the Rialto Bridge, the “bacaro” they chose is a favorite by the Venetians attending the nearby fish market. Difficult to resist the lure of “cicheti”:  squid, shrimp and bacon, accompanied by bread “abrustolito” and great Prosecco wine!
Obviously Rosella and her groom Giovanni took a romantic gondola ride for all their transfers…nothing to compare with the standard water taxi used by George Clooney and Amal on their wedding day!

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