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The “Wedding Date”

Your boyfriend has just asked you to marry him and now you are uncertain about the “Wedding Date”…. Here some unserious tips to choose the “PERFECT DAY” belonging to the Italian wedding superstition:

Day of the week:

Monday: is the day dedicated to the moon, so who will get married on Monday will be an “healthy couple”!

Tuesday:  a very “reach couple”

Wednesday: a propitious day to have a happy wedding!

Thursday: it not a favourable for the bride

Friday: it is not a good day for Christian people as Friday is a penance day! But Friday is also the day dedicate to Venus so to the love!

Saturday: even It is one of the most popular day to get married, it is consider from popular traditions one of the worst day of the week!

Sunday: appreciate as a very peaceful day it is still the ideal day of the week.


…And the month?

January: it is the month of devotion, kindness and elegance

February: the LOVE month, it is consider the best month to get married!

March: Joy and pains

April: month of joy and serenity

May: even if one of the most popular month to celebrate a wedding in Italy, it considered an inauspicious!

June: Month dedicated to Juno the protector of the weddings and of trips!

July: Laborious and strenuous wedding and couple!

August: It is ideal for an active couple and for changes lovers

September: it assure cheerfulness and prosperity to the wedding couple

October: poor, but full of Love wedding

November: a very very happy wedding

December: it is consider the month of Eternal Love!

And don’t forget… to assure good luck… the wedding must be celebrate before the sunset! Other doubts?..  Don’t forget to ask to InItalyWedding experts… their suggestions!

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