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Wedding in Camogli

Wedding in Camogli


In the heart of Liguria there are many small villages in which to find a suitable frame to celebrate a memorable Italian Wedding, and certainly one of the most striking, in addition to being perhaps the best known, is one of the enchanting Camogli.

The history of Camogli begins at the end of the Bronze Age, when France and the Piedmont came the first inhabitants of the Ligurian coast, which immediately began to have a number of flourishing trade with the Greeks of Southern Italy and the Etruscans of Tuscany and the central Lazio.

This position was strengthened anchors more during the long Roman rule, when the Riviera was the center of trade between the Roman Empire and the many colonies of the Middle East Mediterranean.

With the fall of the Roman Empire, Camogli throughout the Middle Ages knew a dark period, until, in the tenth century, received a donation by the noble Genoese, which allowed him to build what would be the first group of historic trading port.

While the inhabitants of Camogli continued to help the Genoese in the long war against the Maritime Republics rival, the late twelfth century began to be the first voyages of ships laden with gifts to the new routes to China and India, which often had the period of months if not years du.
With the Renaissance, for Camogli not only continues the dominance on the seas of Liguria, but also a new and happy phase of urban development, with a new castle and asked for the sailors and the inhabitants of the small town, and at the end of the sixteenth century is inaugurated new port.
While Genoa entered a phase of decline commercial and artistic, Camogli in the eighteenth century becomes the new port of Ligurian seas, with sustainable economic growing.

Under the French, the small village continued to prosper, while in the second half of Camogli hosted the Piedmontese troops who went to fight in the Crimean War on the side of the French.
After the birth of the Kingdom of Italy, Camogli in 1877 received the title of city, whileover time the new economic development became that of tourism, which continues today to be a focal point of the Ligurian Riviera.

wedding camogli
sposi sulla terrazza

The main church of Camogli, definitely the place for a wedding “old fashioned”, is theeighteenth-century San Michele Arcangelo, while on a small square near the sea is the church of San Rocco, extremely rich and in an absolutely enviable.

Foreigners can also turn to the church of St. Nicholas, declared a national monument in 1910, or, for civil marriages, the town hall in the central square.

A beautiful photo after the ceremony can be taken at the fascinating local beaches, orto the Castle, where there is also a museum dedicated to the history of navigation in Camogli.

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