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Pamela, the ” royal ” bride, Wedding in Monza

Pamela, a young bride from Monza, near Milan, and her groom Riccardo, decided to get married last September inside the beautiful Villa Mirabello, in the famous Royal Park of Monza.

They celebrated with a few friends and family members in front of the local major.


Riccardo, at his second marriage, opted for a simple, elegant and civil ceremony.

Civil weddings in the area, once celebrated inside the famous “Villa Reale” di Monza (now home to one of the most important wedding tradeshow, “Royal Wedding”, whose latest edition ran October 18th and 19th), have been transferred in recent years inside the beautiful Villa Mirabello.

Villa Mirabello owes its construction to the Durini family, from Milan.

Giuseppe Durini, bought the estate in 1648 in Monza by the family De Leyva, he decided to build the villa close to  the city, between 1656 and 1675 , entrusting the project to the architect Gerolamo Quadrio . The villa is therefore the oldest of all the buildings that exist today in the Park of Monza.

The building is based on a plant with U symmetry, with the main courtyard open to the landscape; the main building shows an elegant portico with columns of pink granite, while the two side wings provide the relevant passages in the courts of service.

In the mid- eighteenth century, Cardinal Angelo Durini transformed the villa into a small palace enriching late Baroque decorations to the windows and the frescoes in the ground floor hall.


After the ceremony, the couple welcomed family and friends in one of the most famous Lombard “cascine” (farmhouses), surrounded by a magnificent park. The guests were served a lot of delicious appetizers of local meats and vegetables, parmesan cheese and olives before tasting a risotto with pears and Taleggio cheese and an excellent cut of beef.

The wedding cake, recalling the “royal” location of the wedding ceremony, was shaped like a castle and it was really striking!

The couple posed in the end for some pictures aboard of a rowing boat, finely decorated with roses and white lilies. They were photographed in the act of rowing together for a short distance along the Lambro river, to symbolize their future journey and shared responsibilities! A funny ending indeed! The rowing boat was also used as their special “bomboniera”, a nice wedding souvenir for all their guests.

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