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The blog of Chocoweddings born with the aim of providing ideas, inspiration, and to inform all couples, in the process of the wedding, the new trends in the industry, in order to make memorable the most important day of their lives.

The staff of Chocoweddings is always looking for talented bloggers and journalists to keep their users up to date and give a point of reference to the new bride and groom.
He also began to write articles for you Chocoweddings and become part of our staff, ii simply send us your details and a few words about your ideas. The topics of the articles range for everything related to weddings that we have Italy as a destination, by new trends in America or Uk to clothing and accessories recommended by the designers, you can write all the topics that you want as long as inherent in this sector, you can give free rein to your creativity and imagination!


Each article will report your name and your signature through social contacts such as facebook and twitter.
The detection of actual users for the calculation of compensation will be made ​​within 30 days after the publication of the article through Google Analytics.


An article should consist of:

A title relating to the subject treated;
Photos or representative images;
Text consists of at least 200 words;
Chocoweddings reserves the right to submit one off the subject to be treated in the article;
There is no limit to the items to be submitted at the discretion of the author;
Inform the staff in advance Chocoweddings on the topic of the article you are writing, will be published only articles approved in advance;
ChocoWeddings is not responsible for the content of the articles, both textual and visual, and in case of plagiarism assumes the possibility of removal of the blogger;

For information…..write to !

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