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Requirements for British

You must publish the Banns at your local registry office in England. After 23 days of these publications of Banns the registry office releases a Certificate of Non Impediment.
The Certificate of Non Impediment will then be mailed by you with express courier (NOT regular mail) to the appropriate Embassy or Consulate we give you with payment of Nulla Osta fee. At this point our staff will follow up and make sure the Nulla Osta is issued and delivered to the wedding hall.
If you have been previously married and are divorced you must include the “Divorce Decree Absolute”.
The following documents must also be presented to the British Consulate (also via correspondence) when you present your Non Impediment Certificate.

1. Certificate of Non Impediment issued by UK registrar
2. Long Birth Certificate issued by civil autorities, which must include names of both parents
3. Photocopy of passports (and bring passports with you)
4. Deed Poll (in case of change of name)
5. Decree Absolute of Divorce (in case of previous marriage)
6. Previous marriage certificate (for both!)After some days the Consulate will release the necessary documents for you to marry (Nulla Osta).

These will be sent to us via post or picked up by our coordinator and we will file them with the wedding hall.At the present time the cost of the Nulla Osta is 72 Euro per person. The UK Consulates require a bank draft in Euro to be mailed along with the documents in order to process the paperwork. If the bank draft comes from UK, the total cost is 170 Euro (72 x 2 persons +12 Euro for bank fees + 13 Euro for the express courier), but the bank draft must be drawn from an Italian bank.
Particular Consulates do not follow the above procedures; you will be, of course, advised by your Wedding Planner on the exact steps that need to be followed.

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