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Requirements for Irish Citizens

Statutory declaration by Irish citizen called a “Certificate de coutume” for marriage abroad.
(A divorced person or a person who is or intends to marry a person under the age of 18 years should use a different form)..
Completion of the MP2A form/declaration (ChocoWeddings can send you a copy via email). This declaration must be made and signed in the presence of one of the following:

In Ireland a Notary Public, a Commissioner for Oaths or a Solicitor.Abroad before a Diplomatic or Consular Officier of Ireland, or a Notary Public, a Commissioner for Oaths, or an equivalent person authorized oaths or declarations in that place.
You need to bring all the following documents to the DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS in Dublin. They will check them and, if everything is ok, they will send an email to the Irish Consulate in Rome, that will issue the Nulla Osta.
• MP2A form.
• Birth certificate length form (with parents names).
• Copy of the passports.
At the Department of Foreign affairs you have to pay the cost of the Nulla Osta which varies from year to year, and might be around Euro 20 per couple.
Once in Italy, the town hall may require a declaration before your marriage, so you need to plan your arrival a few days before the ceremony. Your Wedding Coordinator will help you, since the requirements could be different for different Consulates.
PLEASE NOTE that Italian law states that at least 300 days must pass before a woman can remarry if she was previously divorced.

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