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Wedding Ceremonies Italy

ChocoWeddings team will realize your dream and organize the perfect ceremony for you. Your personal Wedding Planner will assist you step by step in all necessary documentations for religious and civil weddings!

Civil ceremonies in Italy usually take place inside the Town Hall of the city where you decide to get married, some are very beautiful and breath-taking as the “Red hall” in Florence and the Malcesine Castle! chocoweddings cooperates also with some Relais, enchanting castles and historical villas where is possible to celebrate the civil ceremony on beautiful garden outside. To have a civil wedding in Italy there are specific requirements depending on nationality of the bridal couple! But of course our wedding planner will guide you on all the procedure.

If you are planning a Catholic Wedding, Italy is the right destination! It offers a wide range of churches from the amazing cathedrals renown all over the world to the small cosy, intimate small chapels in the charming Italian countryside.  In Italy, thanks to an agreement between the Vatican and the Italian Government, it is possible to have a Civil and Catholic Wedding together.

Civil Weddings in Rome

Rome remains one of the most hoped for destinations for a civil wedding in Italy and the city makes three unique historical venues available for your civil wedding in Rome. Each wedding hall is surrounded by antiquities and some of the city’s most famous monuments. Because of their high demand, Rome’s civil wedding venues can be busier than the rest of the country’s with ceremonies tending to be brief and offering less opportunity for personalization. 

The Campidoglio is the most elegant and formal of Rome’s wedding halls. It is located high on the Capitoline Hill on the Piazza del Campidoglio which was designed by Michelangelo along with the two superb palaces facing each other. The top is reached via the “Cordonata” steps, which were designed by Michelangelo to celebrate the 1536 triumphal entry of the Emperor Charles the V. They are superlative. Once you reach the top, the views of the surrounding Roman Forum and Colosseum will leave you speechless. Inside one of these palaces is the actual wedding hall, decorated in red silk and damask with gilded interiors.

  • Ceremonies in the Campidoglio wedding hall are brief.

Caracalla – Complesso Vignola Mattei
Located near the ruins of the Roman Baths of Caracalla, this second venue for a Rome civil wedding is set in a former convent, surrounded by a lovely park. The interior is not as formal as the Campidoglio and would be a perfect setting for couples desiring a more rustic ambiance. The outside of the structure is quite old, done in ancient stone and brick. Overall, the atmosphere is more relaxed and laid back.

  • Ceremonies are performed every day of the week with the exception of Tuesdays.
  • Music is permitted.
  • Suitable for large groups

Villa Lais
For a very romantic and intimate civil ceremony in Rome, this frescoed villa would be perfectly suited. The interior is a former 19th century chapel complete with frescoes surrounded by an attractive park – ideal for photos. The villa is only a 20 minute drive from Rome’s historic center.

  • Ceremonies performed every day except for Tuesdays and Sundays
  • Maximum seating: 25

Regarding Civil Weddings in Rome:

  • Payment to the wedding hall is required to book Caracalla and Campidoglio locations
  • Ceremonies tend to be brief.
  • No wedding ceremonies in any location on Tuesdays.

Catholic Weddings in Rome

Get married in Rome, the cradle of Catholicism and civilization. From St. Peter’s Basilica; the largest church in the Christian world, to the smaller parish churches on every corner, no city in the world can compare with such a rich Catholic heritage. The Vatican is the home of the Pope and houses the finest works of art in the world including Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and his famous sculpture: the Pieta’. Imagine getting married in a historic church in Rome overlooking the Roman Forum or on one of the city’s most magnificent piazzas!

Church in S. Maria in Trastevere
Fantastic church for celebrating a Catholic wedding in Rome is located in the city’s most historic district; Trastevere. It is one of Rome’s oldest and most stunning Catholic churches, on a romantic square with lovely fountain. We can’t think of a more fitting setting for a Roman Catholic rite. The shimmering gold mosaic interiors date back to the middle ages. They create an incredible interior light and atmosphere. The church was first built in the 3rd century, and then enlarged in the 12th century. The main nave is framed by two rows of columns which originally were taken from ancient Roman buildings. Your first sight of the interiors will cause you to gasp; Byzantine colors and the splendour of imperial Rome combine to create a majestic effect. The church floors are inlaid by additional mosaics made from stones in geometric patters. As you exit the church you will find yourselves on the beautiful Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere, from which you can admire the outside mosaics of the church’s facade; lit up at night, they imbue the entire piazza with their gilded splendour. The church is well suited for small or large groups.

Roman Forum Church 
If your dream is to marry in a Catholic church near the Roman Forum and Colosseum, this is one of Rome’s finest. Within strolling distance of the Colosseum is this ancient church, built during the latter part of the 10th century. The apse is decorated with mosaics of the Virgin surrounded by saints. The interior is a single nave with side chapels and the confessional was designed by the great master: Gian Lorenzo Bernini in various colored marbles – it is quite exceptional! Other highlights of this church are its Romanesque bell tower, the ornate ceiling with mosaics and stunning frescoes and the surrounding ruins of an ancient Roman temple of Venus and Rome.

Capitoline Hill Basilica 
Built on the highest point of the Capitoline Hill, this Roman Basilica is one of the most striking churches for a Catholic wedding in Rome with its immense stairs that seem to lead up into the sky. The Capitoline Hill is one of the richest parts of Rome as far as monuments, works of art and museums and the eagle eye position enjoyed by this Basilica will create a breathtaking atmosphere for any couple desiring to get married in a historic Roman church. The first foundation of the building was laid in 574 and subsequent additions were done through the 14th century when the massive stairway of 124 steps was inaugurated by Cola di Rienzo to celebrate the ending of the Black Death. Some of the highlights of this church are its Romanesque-Gothic appearance, the many columns which divide the nave from the aisles, each one different from the other, taken from Roman ruins.

The church houses an incredible number of art treasures such as Pinturicchio’s 15th century frescos of St. Bernardino di Siena, the amazing wooden ceiling, the inlaid floors and the famous statue of the infant Jesus which was carved from a 15th century olive wood originally taken from the garden of Gethsemane and the tombstone of Giovanni Ceivelli by Donatello. The church is truly majestic and ideal for large wedding parties. Nearby photos can be taken of the Roman Forum and Capitoline Square. 

Regarding Catholic Weddings in Rome
We can arrange for a Catholic and civil ceremony in Rome’s churches and will assist you with all paperwork. Religious (pre-cana) documentation is required to marry in a Catholic church in Rome. It will need to be completed with your own parish priest and we will then assist you in completing the proper procedures to be done in Italy. Your Rome Catholic rite will be performed by an English speaking priest.

Bare shoulders are not permitted by bride or guests. Sacred music only is allowed for the ceremony.

ChocoWeddings is able to organize also Protestant wedding and it might consist in a “religious blessing” or a civil binding: it depends on your desire!

Our expertise team handle also Jewish weddings in Italy (kosher receptions), OrthodoxAnglican and in case you will not have enough time or if you will not have any religious or civil requirements……. don’t disparate, as we organize Symbolic Weddings too!

In this case you can have your ceremony where you desire (as there are no specific requirements) and you can choose the Vows and the format that you ever dreamed!

But if you are already married and you dream to celebrate again your love in Italy we organize also in the most beautiful Italian location the Renewal of Vows!

So…….do not hesitate and contact us soon!

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