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Wedding in Lucca


Lucca, one Tuscany’s most enchanting small towns, is surrounded entirely by 16th century walls (baluardi) of ancient stone, enclosing one of Italy’s finest medieval treasures.

Entering the city through St. Peter’s Gate, is as heavenly as its name implies. Here you’ll find well-preserved Romanesque churches and medieval towers, old grocery and pastry shops with delicious local specialties, bike paths to pedal down and tree-lined pathways to stroll. Lucca is a city for walking.

lucca weddings


Unlike many cities where climbing hills is required, Lucca’s flat landscape and narrow winding lanes create the perfect conditions for commuting by bicycle as many locals do, or to explore on foot.

Its solid ramparts, once used for fortification and patrolled by soldiers, minimize traffic and are today landscaped encouraging people to walk or ride their bikes around the perimeter of the city, admiring the view. A medieval treasure, it is home to chamber music, Romanesque churches, museums, monuments and the birthplace of Giacomo Puccini (in 1858), one of Italians most famous operatic composers whose 15th century house which is now a museum, at Corte S. Lorenzo, 9. Medieval houses frame the square and low archways provide the gateways through which Roman gladiators would have emerged.

Lucca is a city rich in charm and history, a city of yesterday to be enjoyed today.

But let’s concentrate on this beautiful city! The town has varied origins. Being first an Etruscan town, it became a Roman colony in 180 b.C., period. This is still visible in the street plan.. If you look at it, you’ll realize that Lucca has just parallel and perpendicular (like a grid!) streets so…even if you don’t know perfectly the city, it’s very difficult to get lost! The Middle Ages however, have most characterized Lucca for example with the ancient walls all around the centre or the old amphitheatre in the homonymous square.

If you plan your wedding day in Lucca, you’ll experience all the charm of the city.

Think about a symbolic wedding ceremony in the most suggestive spots of Lucca or a civil ceremony in its town hall or a religious celebration in one of its innumerable churches!

In Italy we have the biggest heritage for what concerns churches and ancient places to discover …And we’ll do our best to realize every need about your dreamy wedding day in Tuscany!

So after the ceremony, enjoy with your spouse the romantic promenade up on high the city walls all around the city! Immortalize in your wedding portfolio all your romantic moments with your spouse in every suggestive spot, like a flower balcony or a tree-lined alley of the city parks. You can also choose to make a romantic horse riding along the riverbanks or go for a visit to the house of Puccini, the famous composer or one of the famous villas of the surrounding areas.

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lucca weddings

A wedding in Lucca can be an unforgettable experience..a small town that can reveal incredible spots to make you live a romantic and unique wedding day in Tuscany!

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