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Wedding in Volterra


Plan your Wedding in Volterra, one of the most delightful and picturesque Tuscan villages.

Volterra offers marvellous venues for civil and catholic ceremonies as well as enchanting VILLAS where to organize intimate and refined wedding receptions. 

Volterra stands on a rocky hill, 1770 feet above the sea level, located between the rivers Bra and Cecina, and is surrounded by strong and protective walls.

The CITY can trace its historical roots back three thousands years but maintains his medieval character and charming narrow stone streets, tower HOUSES and historical palaces.

The district is rich in alabaster, the working of which was an important industry of the city, and in mineral waters, such as those of S. Felice and the Moie, or salt springs. Still more important are the Soffoni of Larderello from which boric acid is extracted, the sulphur lake of Monterotondo, the copper springs of Caporciano, and the baths of Montecatini Val di Cecina.

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In the Etruscan period, Volterra was one of the most important cities in the Etruscan Confederation.

From the period of the KINGS, it was at war with Rome. In 298 B.C., when he became consul, Scipio gained a victory here over the Etruscan armies. In the Punic Wars, however, the city was allied with Rome. In 80 B.C. it was taken by Sulla, after a siege of two years. Remains of the ancient surrounding walls, including the Etruscan the Porta dell’ Arco, may still be seen, as well as of baths, an aqueduct, an amphitheatre (see picture below), and, above all, of several Etruscan burial places.

The Palazzo Publico (1217) holds the extensive archives of the city.

The Palazzo Tagani HOUSES an important museum of Etruscan and Roman antiquities.

Weddings in Volterra are held inside the famous Palazzo dei Priori, the most ancient building if its type in Tuscany, located in the almost car-free centre.

Volterra is a perfect location for weddings being in the heart of Tuscany, 45 minutes from Pisa AIRPORT, 15 minutes from San Gimignano and 30 from Siena or Florence.

The area has many “agriturismo” (Farmhouses) and high level HOTELS AND villas, so you can basically find any kind of accommodation here. In summer several activities are organized there around and also you might be lucky enough to be able to attend a concert by Andrea Bocelli who was born and lived in the proximity of Volterra – Lajatico.

Wedding in Volterra with ChocoWeddings Wedding Planners!

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