Wedding in Venice

The city of love

Venice, also called “the city of love”, is one of the most famous destinations in Italy and the rest of the world, perfect for celebrating the beginning of a life together.

Getting married in Venice

In Venice, you will have the opportunity to celebrate your wedding in an unrivalled setting.
Due to its location entirely on water, this city offers a truly unique opportunity for travellers: to cross it aboard its gondolas (typical boats of the lagoon), which are romantic and intimate.
The gondoliers will guide you through the canals, passing under one of the most famous bridges in the world: il Ponte Dei Sospiri (“the bridge of sighs”), a now very famous glimpse for couples in love.
You can organize a religious wedding, thanks to the many churches that preserve priceless artistic treasures: Romanesque or Gothic, overlooking the lagoon or hidden among calli and campielli.
The most famous is undoubtedly the Byzantine Basilica of San Marco, the main church of the Catholic archdiocese of Venice, which was originally built as the private chapel of the Doge (as the head of state of the Venetian Republic was once called). It was eventually nicknamed the Golden Church for its ornate gold mosaics.
The external and internal gilding are representative of the wealth of Venice when it ruled the Via Delle Spezie and was one of the richest cities in the world.
Subsequent additions continued the embellishment until the 1800s and today it remains one of the most elaborate cathedrals ever.

Civil weddings in Venice are celebrated in the Renaissance 16th-century Palazzo Cavalli just off the Grand Canal, complete with an elegant marble staircase – it could very well be considered Italy’s most famous wedding hall. The municipality of Venice bought the private palace for the sole purpose of celebrating civil marriages.
From the balcony on the upper floor, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge. Your wedding photographer will not fail to capture the moment.

Even for a symbolic wedding, the possibilities are many: splendid hotels or wonderful gardens overlooking the Grand Canal or the Venice Lagoon are just a few examples.

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