Adam & Lexie

Hi Laura!!
We are finally back in the USA and just starting to get settled in.
It has been very crazy getting everything done with paperwork and everything here
and then we have also been painting the house and moving Lexie in, so things have been very busy and exciting.

Thank you so much for everything that you did.
The locations were actually even better than we expected and everything was absolutely beautiful!
The driver was very polite and everything worked out well with getting pictures everywhere.
The food at the reception was fantastic, which is saying a lot since we had been eating very good Italian food all week.
We loved Rome and Italy and it was very nice for us to spend some time there to see everything during the week before the wedding.

Lexie really enjoyed the salon. She loved the location with the pretty courtyard out front and she said that the people were extremely nice and made the whole experience fun!
My only negative comment would be that I wish that the wedding ceremony music had been more coordinated in advance so that everything would have been working and we could have properly rehearsed it, but that is a very small comment compared to how amazing everything else was.

We would certainly love to be references for in the future and you may let others contact us ( ).
Thanks again for an absolutely wonderful wedding!!

Adam and Lexie Scriber