Brenda & Lennon

Brenda & Lennon
Locality: Assisi - Umbria
Date: 30 April 2015

Dear Laura,
Thank you so much for your kind words, of course we enjoyed our wedding in Assisi a lot. We would like to express our gratitude to you especially in helping us obtaining the Nulla Osta as without your help, we would not have had completed the complicated procedures!

Although the wedding ceremony was a simple one, our guests and us enjoyed it a lot, no matter the solemn and beautifulvenue or the friendly and comfortable atmosphere of where the ceremony tookplace.
The dinner on the wedding date was also a highlight, the hotel staff was helpful and friendly and the foodserved were traditional and tasty.
We had collected very favorable comments from our guests. Not to mention that our daughter was most happy about her birthday celebration, she loved her lovely birthday cake a lot!

It is our pleasure to act as references for couples who are considering using the services of ChocoWeddings in future.
Italy is such a gorgeous and lovely place with beautiful sceneries and architectures.
o matter its history, artistic culture or delicious cuisine attract us a lot, we won’t hesitate to come back again and again.
Thank you again for making our wedding in Italy possible!

Many thanks!