Jerilyn & Nils

Jerilyn & Nils
Locality: Santa Margherita Ligure
Date: 7 May 2011

thanks for everything, we had a wonderful wedding day and a great trip overall.
We just arrived back home this weekend which is why it took us a while to get back to you.
We could not be more happy about the wedding and how everything turned out.
The location was fantastic and everything was setup to our expectations.
The ceremony was very nice and although I think all of us were a bit nervous we thought it added a nice and personal touch.
The food and drink was great which of course as you know was somewhat of a concern to us.
I will let Jerilyn followup on any comments in regards to the arrangements, florists, transportation etc.
I can say that I would not have any problems being a reference for you and feel free to list my email as a reference and give it out to potential clients.
Best regards and thanks for everything to you and the officiant.

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