Juliana & Harry

Juliana & Harry
Locality: San Galgano - Tuscany
Date: 5 August 2014


We received the CD with the photos a couple of weeks ago, and they came out wonderful.
We were both very pleased with the photographer, and would highly recommend him.

verall, we were both very pleased with your services, and would be happy to serve as references for any couples considering engaging your services.
Amongst the things that we would highlight:

– It was so easy to plan and coordinate with you, since you were incredibly responsive to my many emails and questions throughout the months of planning. It was a pleasure working with you.
– The hotel you recommended was fabulous. The hotel itself and gardens were stunning, and the staff was incredibly professional and kind. We were extremely pleased with the attention we received. I hope we are able to celebrate a few wedding anniversaries there in the future!
– The chapel you recommended was also wonderful. It was beautiful, and exactly what we had in mind when we told you we wanted a small, intimate ceremony.
– Father Brian was great! We are so grateful you put us in touch with him.
– As I mentioned above, the photographer was wonderful, and I’m so pleased with the many great photos we have of our special day!
– I’m so happy you helped us prepare all of the necessary church documents to make sure that we wouldn’t have any issues.

Juliana & Harry

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