Maggie & Krit

Maggie & Krit
Locality: Florence
Date: 7 June 2023

Dear Laura,

Thanks for your email!
We just got back home from Europe last weekend. We traveled to Swiss after Italy.

The wedding was great and we really enjoyed it. Thanks again for your help with everything.
The venue was amazing! We loved everything, the view, the service…
Stefano was the best and we loved working with him, we are looking forward to receiving all the photos from him.
The florist was great, the bouquet was beyond my expectation.
We loved Samantha, she was sweet and nice.
The violin performance was actually a bit short, I felt it was overpriced. But I understand that our ceremony was short and small.

We’d love to refer your service to other couples!


CREDITS – Stefano Santucci –

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