Mia & Vlad

Mia & Vlad
Locality: Chianti - Tuscany
Date: 13 June 2022

Dear Laura
Yes we had a wonderful honeymoon and right now we are traveling through the Balkan so it’s a very exciting time for us.
Sorry for the delayed answer, but always on the road i forgot to answer you.
Of course you can use our photographs for your homepage and as well give our contact as references.
We were very happy and satisfied with the service and with everything.

Here our review if you want to repost it:
Laura was from the beginning very easygoing and friendly.
We liked it very much that she gave us good options from where to choose our perfect wedding location.
In the hole process of the planning she was always helping us to find the best option for us, always responding on time and being kind and professional.
It was great having her on our side on our wedding day!!
We thank you very much dear Laura
Mia & Vlad

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