Solfrid & Nils

Solfrid & Nils
Locality: Chianti - Tuscany
Date: 10 July 2013

Dear Laura,
Thank you for helping us create the Italian wedding, which we wanted.
We contacted Choco Wedding a year and a half before the wedding, as we had decided on having our ceremony in Italy – we were just looking for the right wedding planner. After being in contact with several wedding planners online, we decided on Choco Weddings based on the positive feedback given by others, and their quick responses and informative answers.
We have not regretted that decision.
Based on our experience, the services provided by the company are of excellent quality, i.e. music, photos (the pictures were amazing), flowers, hair-styling and wedding planning. Laura tends to respond to e-mails very quickly, often within minutes, and as previously stated, the answers are very informative
We also appreciated being presented and allowed to choose from a wide selection of flowers, menus, locations and so on. We ended up with flowers based on a picture I found myself, so we were not tied to a fixed set of options, they are merely intended as help.

On the day of the wedding, the celebrant and Laura met up with us and went through the program of the day, they took care of wedding favours and of communication with everyone at the hotel.
The day was actually surprisingly relaxing – it is really wonderful to have so many people help out with what they do best. The wedding was a big success, and it is only a shame that the day/evening passed by so quickly.
The Tuscan countryside is an amazing venue for any kind of wedding.
Again, thank you for all your dedicated, hard work – the wedding was all we had hoped for and more.

Solfrid e Nils

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