Stephanie & Michael

Stephanie & Michael
Locality: Castle in Chianti - Tuscany
Date: 2 September 2021

Hi Laura!
Sorry for the late reply, we have been so busy since coming home from Italy & especially myself starting a new job!

Regarding the wedding we loved the venue & our guests were blown away with the location & the wedding day in general.
There were a few minor details that could have been confirmed by myself regarding the DJ & lighting prior to the wedding day.
However in general we were happy with how things went on the day.
We all loved Italy also, however to travel during a pandemic wasn’t the easiest & required a lot of forward planning & worked out at an expense.
I think if the wedding wasn’t during a pandemic either things would have been a lot easier & a lot less stress. Having yourself to communicate with & plan over in Italy made things slightly less stressful for us.

We are happy to be considered as references & also happy for pictures to be used.
Kind regards Stephanie

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