Trisha & Aric

Trisha & Aric
Locality: Amalfi Coast
Date: 15 november 2016

Thank you!!
Our wedding day was perfect – all because of the work you all did!

We are actually in Rome until Saturday then heading to Tenerife in the Canary Islands for our honeymoon. I will be sure to fill out the forms later this month when we are back in the US!

The team who took care of styling my hair and makeup was wonderful! Massimo was a great photographer and very kind. I cannot wait to see how his photos turn out! The flowers were also breathtaking!

Giovanna was so kind and welcoming.
Santa Maria Maddelena is a beautiful church and I would certainly recommend that location in the future.

While Atrani was not my first choice for our wedding location, it was an excellent recommendation and I am thrilled we chose it.
Amalfi and Atrani are small but easily accessible! Also, beautiful!!
Please feel free to list me as a reference!
Again, I will return forms once we are back in the states the week of the 27th.

Thank you for all your work to make our wedding day perfect!