Zarra & Sonny

Sonny & Zarra
Locality: Rome
Date: 28 May 2014

Laura is not only a top professional in our book, but she has also become a family to us.
We are a couple from Tampa, Florida who wanted to have an intimate wedding in a country we always dreamt of going one day.
We knew we needed a local wedding planner when we decided to have our symbolic wedding in Rome.
It was not easy finding a wedding planner in another country. We researched (a whole lot) and read great reviews about Laura and a couple more planners.
However, Laura was the quickest to respond to our inquiries. In her first couple of emails, she made us feel at ease about the process and journey we were about to embark.
We decided to hire Laura as our wedding planner, and it was one of the best decisions we made about our Rome symbolic wedding.
Laura was responsive, professional, respectful, and thoughtful throughout the whole process.
We had envisioned an intimate and casual wedding ceremony and reception, and she listened to us while providing and sharing her knowledge. We appreciated that immensely.
We did not want a luxurious and expensive wedding, and Laura helped make that happen by brainstorming and finding ways to achieve what we wanted.
When we finally met her in person during our rehearsal, it was like seeing a family member whom we just did not see for a couple of years.
Our wedding day was as smooth and pleasant as it could be.
It was everything and more than what we expected and wanted. It was simple, intimate, classy, and fun all at the same time, and we could not thank Laura enough.
We are happy to share more thoughts and comments about Laura and her services to anyone who are considering hiring her as a wedding planner.

To you our dearest Laura: Many thanks for making our dream wedding come true. Until we see again in Italy!

Sonny & Zarra
Tampa, Florida USA