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We don’t just organize weddings, we create experiences that involve spouses and guests to leave all participants with an indelible memory of the day.
All our services are customized and built to fit your needs.


The arrival of the newlyweds is always highly anticipated by guests. On a Vespa, in a gondola, in a limousine? We will know how to surprise them! You will have the opportunity to choose from many different proposals with which to start your upcoming life as a couple.


Getting married in another country can hide bureaucratic pitfalls. With our help there would be no need to worry about anything: our staff will take care of the formal part of the wedding, managing all the necessary documents and certificates.

Wedding favours

In addition to emotions and sensations, it is always thoughtful to leave a tangible memory of your special day to your guests. This will emphasize how meaningful their presence was for you during your special day.

Flowers and Bouquet

The perfect bouquet for the best entrance: a detail that we strongly believe should enhance the beauty of the bride and her dress too, and should also match with the style of the whole event. We will help you choose the flowers that best suit your personality and desires.

Photos and Videos

Looking back at the wedding photos and videos, and sharing them with friends and family, is undoubtedly a cherished moment. A professional and expert photographer will accompany you during your special day, with attentive discretion but never missing a moment.


Surely entertainment and fun depend on music. It is such a fundamental aspect, not to be underestimated too. We do always care to address the most appropriate musical selection for your wedding, taking into account your budget, the location, and the different moments of the day.

Wedding cake

The cake is the undisputed star of the wedding banquet and finding the right one may not be easy. There are many variables: the style of the event, the trends of the moment, but also the season and the period of the year. Whether it’s a classic or a more extravagant cake, our staff will help you identify the most suitable cake.


After all the emotions experienced during one of the most important days of your life as a couple, it’s time to carve out some time just for you in a dream destination. Together we will organize the perfect trip.


Awe-inspiring scenarios, panoramas, and infinite places to choose from: ChocoWeddings will help you find the most suitable Italian location for your wedding and needs. This is all you need to make your wedding the perfect day.

Flying lanterns

Flying lanterns are a simple detail that allows you to close the event in the most scenographic and refined manner.
It is an ancient tradition, with a symbolic and romantic meaning, which enriches the event with mystical and original nuances.


Do you want to impress this special day in the minds of your guests? There’s nothing better than a fireworks show! A night sky full of lights will leave everyone speechless. We will, of course, deal with requests and authorizations.

Lights and decorations

The right set up and light tricks can excite and move people, then, choosing the lighting is not an aspect that should be underestimated.Entrust us to illuminate your wedding in the best possible way, to create a truly magical setting.

Makeup and hairstyling

The most beautiful bride is a happy and radiant one: our staff will create flawless makeup and hairstyle to make her feel comfortable and to make the most of her appearance.

Wedding invitations

Sending, but also receiving wedding invitations is one of the most engaging moments that precede the big day. Together we will make sure that the invitations you send – to your friends and family- are those which best reflect your personalities.

Website and app

The website can easily share the most relevant information about the big day with all attendees, keeping them up to date in a simple and fast way. It is also possible, for example, to ask to confirm attendance or to publish photos taken by guests during the wedding.


Rice grains, rose petals, heart-shaped confetti: many options to be given to guests and to celebrate the first steps of a newborn union, making it memorable.

Full-service wedding

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